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Greetings dear reader! Welcome to our little corner of the Internet where we will shower you with handmade projects we are undertaking ranging from home DIY to sewing to knitting and things in-between. But who are we exactly?

👋 Hi, I'm Kamran

Nice to meet ya. I am a software developer by day and ... also by night, I guess. I enjoy doing little projects and want to skill up in home DIY – that was my impetus to start the blog. I already have a technical blog and I wanted something separate and dedicated to the projects we work on at home that my wife could easily contribute to since she's the one doing most of the fun little projects!

And I'm Cassie 😎

Hi! I'm doing this blog because Kamran said it would be fun (and I think it would be fun too). I've been crafting for a long time. I've been knitting for about 15 years, and I've always done fun crafty projects with my grandma! I recently started sewing in the last 6 months, and my goal is to learn to sew well enough to make my own dresses. I'm a mama of a toddler boy and a baby girl, and I'm a social worker at a school! The 2018-2019 school year was my first year in a school, so summer of 2019 was my first summer at home with my kids!


When we were throwing around names for the blog, we wanted to have a name that encapsulated our feelings towards crafts and DIY. We like what we like, we're casual about it, and we probably won't be trying to make everything "Pinterest-worthy." So Looks Good to Us was a nice phrase that summed up our feelings on the subject succinctly!

What should you expect?

Overall we hope to use this blog as an outlet for writing about our journeys exploring new skills and making things. Kamran will be focusing on DIY and "maker" activities around the house and Cassie will focus on sewing and knitting projects. We expect to publish guides on doing these projects yourselves as well as general posts about what we plan to do and progress updates on large projects like home remodeling.

We are not Chip and Joanna Gaines (but Kamran does like watching Fixer Upper). We enjoy doing these projects but we also have a busy life with kids and full-time jobs! We hope to do regular projects but some of us (ahem, Cassie) will probably have lots of smaller projects to share while Kamran works on larger, more involved projects around the house. That said, we do have projects planned and will post about them regularly!

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