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I've been planning out very generally how I want to spend my year sewing. I already have quite the list of projects I've been keeping on my mind. I thought I would write out and discuss some here, as a way to both track my progress and get all my thoughts out.

Here are a few sewing projects I have coming up in the queue:

  1. Mommy and Me dresses
    The last time I bought fabric from Girl Charlee for my wonderful Java Joggers, I also threw in this lovely purple cotton spandex. It was a great price and I knew I could do something fun with it. I had the idea to make "Mommy and Me" dresses for Saira and I. Saira loves wearing the dresses I make her, and I know she would love to wear a dress that matches mine! I'm actually thinking I will just reuse the Moneta dress pattern for me, and the 1 yard twirly dress for her. They are fairly similar dresses, and with the pop of the purple fabric, I think we will look very cute together.
  2. Joggers, Joggers, Joggers!
    My Java, Jordan, and Jackson joggers have been a hit for all my family members, plus some friends! I have now made a total of 10 pairs of joggers for various people, and have decided I will be making joggers as a Christmas gift for as many people as possible this year. They are just so easy, convenient, and they have been so beloved by everyone. Honestly, it feels really good to impress people by making them sweatpants, even though they are extremely easy to make.
  3. Sherpa jackets
    I bought a bunch of buffalo check sherpa fabric from Joann Fabrics, and had the idea to make some jackets for my sister and I, hoping to make one for my 12 year old niece if I have enough fabric. I bought a cute jacket pattern at an estate sale over the summer and I'd love to try it out. This one will probably be a Christmas present for next year, based on how many other projects I have in mind.
  4. Lunchbags
    I lost my lunchbag last year, and have been using a few old bags and even a Target bag to transport my lunch this year. I'm hoping to learn to sew with oilcloth, and make a lunchbag for myself, Kamran, and each of the kids. If you have an interesting or easy lunchbag pattern, please share it with me!
  5. Vacation-Themed Pajamas
    We're hoping to visit the Great Smoky Mountains this year, and possibly Japan next year (depending on how Covid is going). I thought it might be fun to make pajamas for the kids with something mountain-related for our Great Smokies trip and something Japan-related for the Japan trip. I'm thinking bears, canoes, trees, or cabins on the mountain pajamas, while I have thought about cranes, sushi, Mount Fuji, or koi fish for the Japan pajamas. I will have to keep scouring websites and stores for interesting themed fabric that fits what I'm looking for!
  6. Knufflebunny for Saira
    Both our kids love Mo Willems books. Saira especially loves Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too, and after making a stuffed dragon for Rami last Christmas, I thought about making a stuffy for Saira as well. I thought about what animals she might like, and really couldn't find anything that "fit" her personality and her interests. Until I remember about Knuffle Bunny. I'm so excited to work on this, because I know she is going to flip when she sees the finished product.

These are just a few planned projects I'm hoping to finish this year. I know I have a lot to do, and this is just besides our Halloween costumes! I have some ideas, and Rami and I have been plotting what interesting family costumes we'll be able to do, so I'm ready for another exciting summer of making some crazy Halloween costumes. Now if only I could find time to sew, between taking care of my kids and doing other projects!