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This winter, I noticed that my kids' hats were just getting too small. I used my Cozy Winter Fleece Hat pattern I released last year and followed it again myself!

Cozy Winter Fleece Hat for Toddlers (with sewing pattern!)
I couldn’t find a winter hat I liked for Saira so I designed my own and created a free printable PDF so you can make your own too!
You can download the pattern here and follow the walkthrough!

They both expressed some excitement about the possibility of getting new hats for the winter, so I took them to Joann's and we looked through what seemed like every single fleece pattern in stock. Finally, as I resigned myself to the kids not finding a single thing, we approached the dollar bin. I know this is usually my favorite place to find fabric, but Joann's usually has pretty cheap fleece, so I didn't mind them picking a slightly more expensive fabric for their fleece hats. But as we approached the bin, both kids shouted out that they wanted one of the fabrics inside! I ended up spending a couple of dollars to get them each the fabric they wanted. I love when things work out.

If you're looking for cozy fleece fabric, here are some cute ones!

Polar Fleece Tiffany Multi - Fabric.com
This medium weight fleece is anti-pill and ultra soft. It is perfect for creating jackets, vests, scarves, mittens, throws and more!
Pretty colors!
Polar Fleece Blizzard Navy - Fabric.com
This medium weight fleece is anti-pill and ultra soft. It is perfect for creating jackets, vests, scarves, mittens, throws and more! Colors include shades of blue and white.
Winter themed!

Rami picked out a bright pink fabric with white kittens on it. Both kids love our cat Gus, and I think Rami has been jealous lately of Saira's kitty-print clothes. Saira picked out a light blue fabric with green leaves and yellow lions. I think both fabrics are a good match for each of them. For the lining of both hats, I chose a medium gray fleece.

Cuddling with the fabrics!

The kids were so excited for their hats. I measured their heads and traced out the shapes onto paper. I then cut out the shapes and used them to cut out the pieces from the fabric. At one point, as I was working on this while doing a few other things, Kamran even cut some of the pieces out for me.

Just like the first time, the pieces were easy to design and cut out. A gradual line was easy to draw out between the top and side of the pattern piece. The only thing I ended up messing up was that the front flap on Rami's hat was too small. For some reason I misread how big it would need to be, and cut it way too small. I ended up keeping it, and I don't think it looks out of place on the finished product.

The hardest part (and it's really not very hard) was sewing the pieces together inside out and then flipping them for the last ear flap. I always feel nervous that I'm going to end up making them inside out or something. After flipping the fabric right-side out, the last step is to add the top stitch around the entire bottom of the hat. This is so satisfying to do, I really like the feeling of sewing over two layers of fleece. I know that's a strange thing to say. I still like it.

The kids love their new hats and wear them every day. Now that it's February, the hats have been an absolute must. The fleece holds in so much heat on their heads; when Rami took his off the other day, he was sweating. I'm excited to continue to make these fluffy fleece hats each year!